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Our benefit was held on
Sunday July 11, 2010

Cody is now 9yrs old

Thank you for caring about Cody!

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Welcome to Cody's IDIC 15 website!

Cody was diagnosed March 1, 2010 with Pseudo Isodicentric 15 commonly known as IDIC 15. He has an extra 15th chromosome, meaning 47 in each of his cells instead of 46.

Cody faces a lifetime of special care and special needs. He will have physical and developmental delays his entire life and will never live completely on his own.

So far we know of less than 1000 other families worldwide and we belong to a thriving international IDIC 15 Families Group on Facebook for the mutual benefit of our children.

Cody was created this way from the moment he was conceived. There is no cure for IDIC 15 but we love and accept him exactly the way he is.

Our benefit for Cody was held on Sunday July 11, 2010 at the Ideal Hall in St Paul MN.

There was a silent auction and a live drawing for donated items. Over $2000 was raised and donations for Cody's ongoing care can still be made.

We donated $300 from our event proceeds to a national IDIC 15 organization to help other children like Cody.

Delicious dinner buffet and banquet hall facility was donated by Tony & Stacy from TST Creative Catering.

DJ music, and prizes for children's games was donated by Twin Cities Wedding DJs.

Your purchase of shirts and gifts like ipad and iphone cases, neckties, mugs, and bumper stickers at our IDIC 15 store will help towards Cody's ongoing care and a percentage of the profits will be donated to non-profit organizations to help other children like Cody.


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